• Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

  • Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

    The villa is strategically located in an area surrounded by very popular site-seeing destinations such as Tuscany, Liguria (by North West), and Emilia Romagna (by North East). Here visitors can, among many other things, relax and savor the world-famous Italian cuisine.
  • Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

    This truly unique location offers a wide array of options for every taste, at a very high level of excellence: art, history, architecture, nature, thermal baths, music theatre, and more. Some areas nearby the villa are off the beaten path of mass tourism and therefore offer a more intimate and “local” feel to visitors.
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La Villa in Toscana

Tuscany is certainly among Italy's most beautiful areas, offering a fairytale experience to visitors.

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Activities of the Villa

The glorious and renown Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio de' Medici organizes a variety of events and guided tours.

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A few examples of events include:


The villa offers private guided tours and customized excursions based on the visitor's particular need, interest, and schedule. Some common areas of interest include:



The Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio de’ Medici in the North Central part of Italy, easily reachable by every mean of transportation: highway, train, 2 international airports. With a 250-km coastline, a gorgeous archipelago easily accessible by ferry boat, breathtaking mountains such as the Apuan Alps and the Appennin range, and several lakes, Tuscany is probably the most all-encompassing region of Italy, with a unique blend of history and nature. Here is where the modern Italian language was almost single-handedly invented by Dante Alighieri, and here is also the birthplace of the Renaissance which, through art and science, would propel mankind into our current age. At the Carrara marble caves Michelangelo would personally choose the slabs to be used for his masterpieces, while a few centuries later, Puccini had a beautiful estate overlooking lake Massaciuccoli, where he composed most of his operas. Tuscany's landscape is world-famous, scattered with olive groves, vineyards, and sunflower fields, and dotted with lovely winding roads of cypress trees. Almost every single product of the Tuscan soil is world-renown: olive oil, fine wine, spring water, mushrooms, and the list goes on and on.